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President of the Korea Distribution Association inaugural address in 2017

How are you? Seniors, fellow students, professors, and everyone related
to the distribution industry, it’s nice to meet you.

I am Professor Chun Dal-young from Chungbuk National University,
this years elected President of the Korea Distribution Association.

I would first like to thank the former President and staff who led
the association successfully in 2015.

Above all, it is the year that the Korea Distribution Association reaches its maturity at 20 years.

To satisfy the expectations of this new role, I believe that it is a time when not only myself but the members of the association must make particular effort. I will do my utmost facing this tremedous task, albiet my lackings, and so I ask for your continuous help and love.
I would like to briefly talk about a few buisnesses the staff at Korea Distribution Association will be focusing on more and unfolding in 2016.

I will work hard to ensure that fair and balanced professional opinion will first flow out of the Korea Distribution Association. Over the past few years, I have seen the truth being distorted through wrong information presented in a convincing way. Although it started off with a good intension, many people suffered because of wrong policies. The regulations ought to be created based on objective grounds and rational logic, but instead it is becoming partially a target for interest groups. They talk about social responsibility, but they are not even doing their duty of caring for the consumers and customers.

The association will have to be a central force in the midst of this controversy. In order for this to happen, I will make various opportunities for professional opinion on issues regarding distribution to be presented immediately. More specifically, the association will hold a local conference to discuss local issues, and a special conference in cooperation with the press. I believe that whatever the association does, it ought to be a help to the Korean economy, and in 2015, the association will work hard to be the motive power for revitalizing consumption.

Finally, unlike the distribution industry sector which is running on cutting edge, there is need for a significant improvement in the association’s computerization and ICT. So, we will ensure that the majority of the work is processed on the website.
Your coopertation and help is absolutely necessary in order to proceed with various projects and to produce objective results.
We will value each and every one of your efforts to help, and will do our best to spend it valuably.
Thank you.
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